Episode 3: "What A Day, What A Lovely Day!" - Scott Cameron Baxter Photography

Episode 3: "What A Day, What A Lovely Day!"

by Scott Baxter, Sunday 18th June 2017

ND Grad filters and post production images in the style of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Got up to a roasting sunny Saturday and took some photos down the beach and harbour. It was 24 degrees, it was 9am, it was too hot.

For a bit of fun I've always wanted to tip my cap to the cameramen and colourists from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, by creating something in my own, yet similar style. So out with the tripod and filters I went.

The above images were taken on Saturday 17th July, in Aberdeen from Broadhill and Torry Battery of Pittodrie Stadium and Aberdeen Harbour.